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Sheet music

Unsere Liebe Frau (Our Beloved Lady)

Unsere Liebe Frau (Our Beloved Lady)

chamber oratorio for three-part female choir, speaker, violin, and piano

score & libretto

152 pages, A4
ISMN: 979-0-700374-00-6
publication date: 02.10.2017
2nd edition
languages: German / English / "To Yemoja" in Portuguese as well

price: 24,90 €
graduated price: 19,90 € from 13 pieces (only if ordered from the publisher)

available at your local bookstore,
or online at BoD (German) or Amazon ( de   com   uk   fr   ca   it   es )
or from the publisher, order by email

The violin part (PDF, 13 MB) can be downloaded free of charge.

samples (PDF)

The oratorio “Our Beloved Lady” is a declaration of love to the woman per se, to her manifold as divine nature; it‘s a reflection and a prayer. The three holy girls (Barbara, Katherine, Margaret) mark the life of a Salige [ˈzaːˌlɪɡə] who is born as a daughter of the Percht [pɛʁçt], the bright sun, and brings also light to the world. The Bavarian and German texts are based on the Song of Songs from the Old Testament and on the mythology of the southern German-speaking parts.

Song postcards

for reading and singing

    1 card =   1,- €
  6 cards =   5,- €
13 cards = 10,- €

A6, b/w, 300 g/m2, matt

available from the publisher, order by email

all cards in Bavarian or German

back side of the postcard
back side of the card
postcard A guads neis Jahr
A guads neis Jahr
(New Year, birthday)
postcard Advent, Advent
Advent, Advent
postcard Adventskanon
postcard Auf a scheene Zeit
Auf a scheene Zeit
postcard Griaß di Mensch
Griaß di, Mensch
postcard Hearts es Deandl
Hearts es Deandl*
postcard Margreth Dei freie Säi
Margreth Dei freie Säi*
(soul, freedom)
postcard Oachebärkanon
(joy of living)
postcard Osterkanon
postcard Percht Prächtige
Percht Prächtige*
(Lady Percht)
postcard Trinitatakanon
(the three holy girls)

* = from: Our Beloved Lady (see "sheet music")


"Tudo Tranquilo"
17 tracks
total time about 54'
genres: Bavarian, bossa, Brazil, Cuba, jazz
release date: 21.10.2016
CD in cardboard pocket

price: 10,- €

available from the publisher, order by email

download and stream it via:

iTunes     Amazon ( de   com   uk   fr   es )     Google Play     Spotify     Deezer     7digital    

CD Cover Tudo Tranquilo
  1. Lebn und Arbat (Josef Wittmann, Josef Irgmaier)
  2. Lovers Walk (Josef Irgmaier)
  3. A manhã dos sonhos (Josef Irgmaier)
  4. Zwoarerloa (Josef Irgmaier)
  5. I bi de dei (Bernadette Irgmaier)
  6. Batida diferente (Durval Ferreira, Maurício Einhorn)
  7. Dindi (Aloysio de Oliveira, Antonio Carlos Jobim)
  8. Vô Alfredo (Guinga)
  9. Eu vou para Luanda (trad.)
  10. É doçe morrer no mar (Jorge Amado, Dorival Caymmi)
  11. Triste / Vivo sonhando (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
  12. Baião de quatro toques (Luis Tatit, José Miguel Wisnik)
  13. Estate (Bruno Brighetti, Bruno Martino)
  14. Dos Gardeñas (Isolina Carrillo Diaz)
  15. Easy to love (Cole Porter)
  16. On the sunny side of the street (Dorothy Fields, Jimmy Mc Hugh)
  17. Sunny (Bobby Hebb)

more about the album at the Tudo Tranquilo website


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