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We are Bernadette and Josef Irgmaier, also known as “Tudo Tranquilo” which translates literally from Brazil as “all is calm” and rather means “everything's fine”. We play Bossa, Jazz, and more in the classical instrumentation of voice and piano.

Our music, in general, is influenced by living life and letting live. It presents, more concretely, the unagitated yet diversified entertainment of the Bossa Nova in the beautiful playfulness of the Brazilian language, the timeless elegance of the classics from the jazz and other genres, the freshness of the novelty in our own songs, and, since we can, the tasty change in style when coming up with a Bavarian song, or the musical bon mot when looking for what ever is playable on keys and charmable by voice.


die Frau - die Kraft - die Liab (the woman - the power - the love)

Bernadette reflects on being a human and a woman. She lived 15 defining years in Brazil, on and by the sea, surrounded by the Atlantic Forest. Being back in the Bavarian town of Tittmoning for several years now, languages, melodies, and perceptions of women mingle. Sometimes as a Samba, sometimes as Jazz, sometimes Bavarian, sometimes Portuguese, sometimes melancholic, sometimes sunny: they appear multifarious like life itself, full of power and love.


Bossa, Jazz, and Bavarian music meet for a tasty cocktail of ease and edge.
Here a short YouTube-playlist.

Bossa, Jazz and Merry Christmas

Our Christmas programme comes in five completely different versions. Find a short version on YouTube.
Feliz natal!


Bernadette & Josef Irgmaier (vocals and piano)

phone +49 8683 2437321
mobile +49 160 93117925


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CD Cover Tudo Tranquilo
  1. Lebn und Arbat (Josef Wittmann, Josef Irgmaier)
  2. Lovers Walk (Josef Irgmaier)
  3. A manhã dos sonhos (Josef Irgmaier)
  4. Zwoarerloa (Josef Irgmaier)
  5. I bi de dei (Bernadette Irgmaier)
  6. Batida diferente (Durval Ferreira, Maurício Einhorn)
  7. Dindi (Aloysio de Oliveira, Antonio Carlos Jobim)
  8. Vô Alfredo (Guinga)
  9. Eu vou para Luanda (trad.)
  10. É doçe morrer no mar (Jorge Amado, Dorival Caymmi)
  11. Triste / Vivo sonhando (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
  12. Baião de quatro toques (Luis Tatit, José Miguel Wisnik)
  13. Estate (Bruno Brighetti, Bruno Martino)
  14. Dos Gardeñas (Isolina Carrillo Diaz)
  15. Easy to love (Cole Porter)
  16. On the sunny side of the street (Dorothy Fields, Jimmy Mc Hugh)
  17. Sunny (Bobby Hebb)

The "Tudo Tranquilo" album

shall show to where we are drawn in style.

At the beginning we remember an attitude to life which knows time for awareness, with the Bavarian bossa nova „Lebn und Arbat“. The image of the girl passing by adumbrates to what the following song gives the answer. What is it that lovers do? „Lovers Walk“. And they eat together of course. „A manhã dos sonhos“ is a declaration of love to our wonderful breakfasts at the Padaria „Portal Do Pão“ in the district Portal das Artes, Paraty, Brazil. And, lovers write love songs to each other, here „Zwoarerloa“ and „I bi de dei“.

„Batida diferente“ is about the handling by improvi-i-isation of cardiac syncopation. It opens the round of Brazilian songs. After the Tom Jobim classic „Dindi“ where the elements express the lover’s feelings, we leave Rio, accompanied by the Frevo-instrumental „Vô Alfredo“, towards northeast to listen to the traditional Maracatu-chant „Eu vou para Luanda“ and to Dorival Caymmi’s „É doçe morrer no mar“, how sweet it is to die on the sea in the arms of the Iemanjá. For a moment, the double „Triste“ / „Vivo sonhando“ leads us back to the south, into the solitude of the dreamer absorbed in thoughts of an unanswered love, just until the „Baião de quatro toques“ knocks on the door in a Beethoven-like manner.

The Italian bossa „Estate“, pervaded with the painful memories of a summer of love, and the Spanish „Dos Gardeñas“, the famous love bolero from Cuba, move away again from the Portuguese language to the English trio of evergreens „Easy to Love“, „On the Sunny Side of the Street“, and „Sunny“ which appear like variations on the same theme and which illustrate three times what it finally is that leaves your worries on your doorstep.

We owe our first, low budget and high spirit CD especially to

Luca Zellbeck (home recording), Ludwig Bergner (studio mix), Ingrid Vehring (graphics), Andrea Stoelzl (artist photo), Birgit und Willi (carpeting), our brave Yamaha P95 e-piano, and not least to all those well disposed to us who are patiently waiting for records. Obrigado!


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Ingrid Vehring
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Andrea Stoelzl, Munich

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