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Sheet music

Unsere Liebe Frau (Our Beloved Lady)
samples (PDF)

Unsere Liebe Frau (Our Beloved Lady)

chamber oratorio for three-part female choir, speaker, violin, and piano

score & libretto

POD (print on demand)
152 pages, A4
ISMN: 979-0-700374-00-6
publication date: 04.06.2020
3rd edition
languages: German / English / "To Yemoja" in Portuguese as well

price: 24,90 €
graduated price: 19,90 € from 13 pieces (only if ordered from the publisher)

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The violin part (PDF, 13 MB) can be downloaded free of charge.

The oratorio “Our Beloved Lady” is a declaration of love to the woman per se, to her manifold as divine nature; it‘s a reflection and a prayer. The three holy girls (Barbara, Katherine, Margaret) mark the life of a Salige [ˈzaːˌlɪɡə] who is born as a daughter of the Percht [pɛʁçt], the bright sun, and brings also light to the world. The Bavarian and German texts are based on the Song of Songs from the Old Testament and on the mythology of the southern German-speaking parts. They are also translated into English.

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12 Hymnen für Bayern (12 Hymns for Bavaria)
samples (PDF)

Josef Wittmann & Josef Irgmaier

12 Hymnen für Bayern (12 Hymns for Bavaria)

song cycle for four-part mixed choir (SATB), one or more solo singers, and piano

score (lyrics in Bavarian)

POD (print on demand)
100 pages, A4
ISMN: 979-0-700374-05-1
publication date: 06.11.2018
languages: German / English / lyrics in Bavarian

price: 19,90 €
graduated price: 15,90 € from 11 pieces

order by email

The song cycle "12 Hymns for Bavaria" was written in 2018 on the occasion of a Bavarian double jubilee: the bicentennial as a constitutional state and the centenary as "Freistaat", a democratic republic. It sings about the brighter and the darker sides of Bavaria with a pastoral, saucy, rocking, first seemingly impressionistic, then unheard music. It even ends with a real alternative to the existing Bavarian anthem: a democratic one, religion-neutral, and oriented to the human being. All lyrics in Bavarian.

video on Youtube


Piano Book
samples (PDF)

Piano Book

variations, suites, preludes, foam heads, birthday serenades, a piece without score, meditations and inspirates for piano


POD (print on demand)
208 pages, A4
ISMN: 979-0-700374-06-8
publication date: 22.11.2018
languages: German / English

price: 29,90 €

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The Piano Book contains: Maymento, Wedding Suite, Six Choral Preludes, Variations on the Choral “Silent Night”, Variations on the Bavarian National Anthem, 15 Preludes (The Beginning, A Little Big Bang, Awakening, Fibotic Chorale, Florestan Speaks, Gos-simpletons Landler, Thought of Oskar Sigmund, Cadence, Piano Bar Falling Into Sleep, Little Advance, Trouble, Little Academic Fugue, Tightrope Walk, The Blue Sheep, Still Waters), 6 Foam Heads (on Schumann‘s „Träumerei“, on Bach‘s „Prelude in C major“ from WTC I, on Bartók‘s „Allegro barbaro“, on Webern‘s „Variations“ op 27, on Rachmaninov‘s „Prélude in C-sharp minor“ op 3/2, on Febel‘s „Kismet“, and A Lullaby to Schubert‘s “Doppelganger”), 9 Birthday Serenades (A C-sharp as a Birthday Present, Birthday Wish and Fortune, Birthday Thanks, 40 Dots of Paint as a Birthday Present, Birthday Round, And Who Is Born, A Fortitune, J. E. AIGH, And the 40 Keys), one Piece Without Score (Meteor), Meditations & Inspirates (Concertino, Gershwin Canon, The Long Life of Tetra, Condoles, Star Chord Changes, Silent Tidings, Silent Choral Tide, Via Crucis, Interspellar, Rhizomusic, Corvolat).


samples (PDF)

Josef Wittmann & Josef Irgmaier

gSALZn (salted)

Bavarian DJ chamber opera for two speakers (male and female), mute, DJ, baritone, and DAW

score (lyrics in bavarian)

POD (print on demand)
204 pages, A4
ISMN: 979-0-700374-07-5
publication date: 28.08.2019
languages: German / English / libretto in Bavarian

price: 29,90 €

order by email

The Bavarian DJ chamber opera “gSALZn” (“salted”) tells the story of salt up to the present day: 250 million years of Earth’s history in 90 minutes, going from the origin of salt via the tectonic changes of the earth to the construction of the first modern pipeline of the world, the brine pipeline from Bad Reichenhall to Traunstein, and to the environmental awareness of our time. The events on stage stay radically static up to third act: only at the end of the opera, human kind appears. The DJ pre-produces the music according to the score, presents it live and “conducts” the living and the non-living actors. The music combines elements from rave, classic, and experimental electronic music. All lyrics in Bavarian.

video on Youtube


samples (PDF)

Josef Wittmann & Josef Irgmaier


poem cycle with music for speaker, singer, and accordion

score & libretto (lyrics in Bavarian)

POD (print on demand)
96 pages, A4
ISMN: 979-0-700374-08-2 (score & libretto)
ISBN: 978-3-966060-19-6 (book including CD)
publication date: 12.10.2020
languages: German / English / lyrics in Bavarian

price: 19,90 €

order by email

Find the audiobook further below

The poem cycle “Drawizlbabuzi” has been written as a parody on so-called “water glass reading sessions” (respectable poet with manuscript near water glass on white tea cloth with flower bouquet). The Bavarian lyrics, the sound poetry, and the nursery rhymes have either deliberately no deeper meaning, or they are onomatopoetically meaningless, or they do artistic brain acrobatics of its own meaning. The music comments on the texts through accordion pieces made of Landlers, Marches, Polkas, “Boarische”, Blues, and experimental stuff, or through songs. Manner and melodies of the Alpine folk music are as distinctive as the uniqueness in the way they are used.

The libretto section (for gentle readers as well as the speaker) contains all lyrics with some notes on the music. The score section contains the sheet-music with all of the speaker's texts for the musician to read along.


Mary Ward study score
samples (PDF)

Josef Irgmaier

Mary Ward

cantata for mixed or female choir, children's choir and orchestra

study score & libretto

POD (print on demand)
220 pages, A4
ISMN: 979-0-700374-10-5
publication date: 16.09.2022
languages: Englisch / German

price: 29,90 €

order by email

"Mary Ward" is a cantata in twelve movements. It was commissioned by the Mary Ward schools of Altötting for their 300th anniversary of foundation. The twelve movements are guided by Mary Ward's life and mostly use recorded sayings of her. The work can be performed as the cantata it is, as a scenic cantata, or as an oratorio with a spoken text, freely chosen and of epic-dramatic character. The difficulty level of the score calls for advanced players among the pupils, yet affords still rather beginners opportunities to serve as chorical reinforcements. The musical style shows characteristics from rock, jazz, musical, film music, noise, and impressionism as well as a fondness of canonical forms. The often unusual yet catchy melodies help Mary Ward’s "cheerful mind" into one’s own life.


Mary Ward vocal score
samples (PDF)

vocal score & libretto

PoD (Print on Demand)
124 pages, A4
ISMN: 979-0-700374-11-2
publication date: 16.09.2022
languages: English / German

price: 19,90 €

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Mary Ward conductor's score'
samples (PDF)

conductor's score & libretto

spiral binding
212 pages, A3
ISMN: 979-0-700374-09-9
publication date: 16.09.2022
languages: English / German

price: 59,90 €

order by email.



Mary Ward set of parts

set of parts

24 files, A4
ISMN: 979-0-700374-12-9
publication date: 16.09.2022
languages: English / German

price on request

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Sheet music on commission


New Sounds Cookbook

Ernst Bartmann, Manuel de Roo, Josef Irgmaier

New Sounds Cookbook

36 pieces for variable ensembles

score, including a CD-ROM

Deutscher Musikeditionspreis 2007 (German Music Edition Award 2007)

original publisher: Ricordi (MGB Hal Leonard Srl)
175 pages, dimensions: 23,3 x 30,4 x 1,5 cm, 663 g
ISBN: 978-3-938809-12-9
publication date: december 2006
languages: German / English

price: 36,00 € (earlier: 60,- €)

The New Sounds Cookbook comes not only with a lot of study guides and a CD-ROM full of playing scores in all standard transpositions and clefs. It's also an invitation for all persons eager to discover. No matter which instrument they play and how well they play it, no matter if they are two players or eight, both the most conventional and the craziest cast of musicians are possible with these pieces. Find out more about the book, the authors, and the background of its origin on the New Sounds Cookbook website.


New Solos Cookbook

Ernst Bartmann, Manuel de Roo, Josef Irgmaier

New Solos Cookbook

36 pieces for variable solo-instruments

score (competition edition)

225 pages, A4
publications date: May 2020
languages: German

price: 24,00 € (for the competition: 15,- €)

The New Solos Cookbook is the successor of the legendary New Sounds Cookbook. This time, it addresses all soloists eager to discover, no matter which instrument they play and how well they play it. The pieces are notated in different registers and clefs. They allow all kinds of sound development from conventional to just unreal. And they are obligatory for the interpretation competition "Stream Your Solos".

Youtube: stream your solos

You can order only via email at the moment. If you would like to order the PDF of the New Solos Cookbook, please add (copy and paste) the following statement to your order:

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Song postcards

for reading, singing, and sending novel greetings

    1 card =   1,- €
  6 cards =   5,- €
13 cards = 10,- €

special bundles:

Our Beloved Lady (6 cards) = 3,- €
Drawizlbabuzi (2 cards) = 1,- €
Mary Ward (12 cards) = 5,- €

A6, b/w, 300 g/m2, matt

available from us, order by email

all cards in Bavarian or German,
Mary Ward cards in English

back side of the postcard
back side of the card
Postkarte A guads neis Jahr
A guads neis Jahr
(New Year, birthday)
Postkarte Advent, Advent
Advent, Advent
Postkarte Adventskanon
Postkarte Auf a scheene Zeit
Auf a scheene Zeit
Postkarte Auf an guadn Blåserer
Auf an guadn Blåserer
Postkarte Ein Quintengang
Ein Quintengang
(music theory)
Postkarte Aus tiefstem Bauche
Aus tiefstem Bauche
(thanks for a meal)
Postkarte Griaß di Mensch
Griaß di, Mensch
Postkarte I bi de dei
I bi de dei
Postkarte Liab und Freid
Liab und Freid
Postkarte Mittendrin in Tittmoning
Mittendrin in Tittmoning
Postkarte Modulationskanon
(music theory)
Postkarte Narrensegen
Postkarte Ruahstand
Postkarte Zwoarerloa
postcard Sonnwenderin
postcard Alterationskanon
(music theory)
postcard Quarantäne-Kanon
postcard Nerv
postcard Kindlgruß-Kanon
postcard Dangschön fia s Lem
Dangschön fia s Lem
(birth, parents)
postcard Eimfach då
Eimfach då

special bundle "Our Beloved Lady"

postcard Percht Prächtige
Percht Prächtige
(Lady Percht)
postcard Osterkanon
(Easter) → YouTube
postcard Hearts es Deandl
Hearts es Deandl
postcard Oachebärkanon
(joy of living)
postcard Margreth Dei freie Säi
Margreth Dei freie Säi
(soul, freedom)
postcard Trinitatakanon
(the three holy girls)

special bundle "Drawizlbabuzi"

postcard Auszählvers
postcard Cheamsee-Antn

special bundle "Mary Ward"

postcard The Remedy
The Remedy
postcard The Proposal
The Proposal
postcard The Sigh
The Sigh
postcard The Gloria
The Gloria
postcard The Verity
The Verity
postcard The Gallop
The Gallop
(going into action)
postcard Imity (Working Canon)
Imity (Working Canon)
postcard Women in Time
Women in Time
(women power)
postcard The Bull
The Bull
postcard The Calling
The Calling
(joy of living)
postcard The Just Soul
The Just Soul
postcard The Solicitude
The Solicitude
(sorrow and trust)


Tudo Tranquilo

17 tracks
total time about 54'
genres: Bavarian, bossa, Brazil, Cuba, jazz
release date: 21.10.2016
CD in cardboard pocket

price: 10,- €

available from us, order by email

download and stream via:

Apple Music     Amazon Music     Amazon ( de   com   uk   fr   it   es   jp )     YouTube Music     Spotify     Deezer    

CD Cover Tudo Tranquilo
  1. Lebn und Arbat (Josef Wittmann, Josef Irgmaier)
  2. Lovers Walk (Josef Irgmaier)
  3. A manhã dos sonhos (Josef Irgmaier)
  4. Zwoarerloa (Josef Irgmaier)
  5. I bi de dei (Bernadette Irgmaier)
  6. Batida diferente (Durval Ferreira, Maurício Einhorn)
  7. Dindi (Aloysio de Oliveira, Antonio Carlos Jobim)
  8. Vô Alfredo (Guinga)
  9. Eu vou para Luanda (trad.)
  10. É doçe morrer no mar (Jorge Amado, Dorival Caymmi)
  11. Triste / Vivo sonhando (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
  12. Baião de quatro toques (Luis Tatit, José Miguel Wisnik)
  13. Estate (Bruno Brighetti, Bruno Martino)
  14. Dos Gardeñas (Isolina Carrillo Diaz)
  15. Easy to love (Cole Porter)
  16. On the sunny side of the street (Dorothy Fields, Jimmy Mc Hugh)
  17. Sunny (Bobby Hebb)

more about the album at the Tudo Tranquilo website



book: 44 pages, CD: 32 tracks
total time about 72'
genres: comedy, Bavarian, avantgarde folk music
release date (book including CD): 10.12.2020
release date (online album): 18.12.2020
ISBN: 978-3-966060-19-6 (book including CD)
ISMN: 979-0-700374-08-2 (score & libretto)

price (book including CD): 15,- €
published by Liliom-Verlag
available from the publisher, or from us (order by email), or from Josef Wittmann

download and stream the online-album via:

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Buch Cover Drawizlbabuzi
  1. Drawizlbabuzi I • Lausbua-Landler
  2. Drawizlbabuzi II • Kreisel-Polka
  3. Drawizlbabuzi III • Arche-Jodler
  4. Auszählvers
  5. Oiß über d Antn • Antn-Polka
  6. Ballade vom Zuagang in da Wäit
  7. Auwauwau • Auwauwau-Boarischer
  8. Vom Anfang bis ins Gråb • Pensieroso-Landler
  9. Greislig schee
  10. Blåsmusi
  11. Hint und vorn
  12. Ja Wenn Oder • Ja-Wenn-Oder-Polka
  13. Dass z fei ja need
  14. Om & unt • Om-und-unt-Boarischer
  15. Fråg & Antwort
  16. Bei de Leitl • Echt-leidl-Blues
  17. Politik • Krawulli-Marsch
  18. Redn & Toa
  19. Wen beleidign mächtn • Winzig-Walzer
  20. Vom Sinn
  21. Sinn, oder?
  22. Des waar scho wås boi ma s hän
  23. Tanten • Tanten-Walzer
  24. Mei des waar wås boi ma s hän
  25. X
  26. Ur
  27. De Gschicht vom Professor
  28. Ja mei
  29. Köpf
  30. Lustig • Lustig-Landler
  31. Zweagwicht • Zweagwicht-Miniaturmarsch
  32. Privat


Star Chord Changes in D

meditation in 12 tracks
total time about 54'
genre: classical / minimalism
release date: 21.01.2021
online album
recorded on 09.08.2011 at the Studio Preisendorf by Ludwig Bergner
with Josef Irgmaier at the Blüthner grand piano (aliquot strings)
find the sheet music in the Piano Book

download and stream via:

Apple Music     Amazon Music     YouTube Music     Spotify    

CD Cover Star Chord Changes in D
album cover: the 12 tones of the star chord
  1. Star Chord Changes in D: G
  2. Star Chord Changes in D: F#
  3. Star Chord Changes in D: F
  4. Star Chord Changes in D: E
  5. Star Chord Changes in D: Eb
  6. Star Chord Changes in D: D
  7. Star Chord Changes in D: C#
  8. Star Chord Changes in D: C
  9. Star Chord Changes in D: B
  10. Star Chord Changes in D: Bb
  11. Star Chord Changes in D: A
  12. Star Chord Changes in D: G#



Unsere Liebe Frau (Our Beloved Lady)

chamber oratorio by Josef Irgmaier for three-part female choir, speaker, violin, and piano
46 tracks
total time about 76'
genres: vocal, classical (contemporary), Bavarian, legends
release date: 11.06.2024
CD in digifile including a booklet
recorded on 16.-18.02.2024 at the break hall of the Mary Ward schools Altötting by Johannes Then
with Ensemble LaGioia under Sigrid Weigl,
Anton Leiss-Huber (speaker), Cornelia Beck (violin), and Josef Irgmaier (piano)
find the sheet music (score & libretto) here

price: 15,- €

available from us, order by email

or from LaGioia

download and stream via:

Apple Music     Spotify     YouTube Music     Deezer     Amazon Music

CD Cover Unsere Liebe Frau
CD back cover Unsere Liebe Frau
  1. Trinitata
  2. Replik 1: Katharina, Margaretha, Barbara (Katherine, Margarete, Barbara)
  3. Jingle und Percht (Jingle and Percht)
  4. Replik 2: Die Jungfrau (The Young Woman)
  5. Osterkanon (Easter Canon)
  6. Replik 3: Sulamith
  7. Hearts es Deandl (Listen You Girls)
  8. Replik 4: Mutter der Menschheit (Mother of Humankind)
  9. An Yemanjá (To Yemoja)
  10. Replik 5: Was ist ihr Name? (What's Her Name?)
  11. Schönste Himmelsbraut (Most Beautiful Heaven's Bride)
  12. Replik 6: Sei gegrüßt, Du rote Frau (Hail Ye Lady of Red)
  13. Jingle und Heirat (Jingle and Marriage)
  14. Replik 7: Wann heirat s? (When Will She Get Married?)
  15. Heit is a guater Tag (Today's So Good a Day)
  16. Hochzeits-Suite: Motivmarsch (Wedding Suite: Motif March)
  17. Thank You
  18. Hochzeits-Suite: Walzer (Wedding Suite: Waltz)
  19. Griasdi mei Hochzeiterin (Hello My Darling Bride)
  20. Hochzeits-Suite: Polka Habanera (Wedding Suite: Polka Habanera)
  21. Ois mit Dir (All in All with You)
  22. Hochzeits-Suite: Chorinho (Wedding Suite: Chorinho)
  23. Du bist mei Ruah (You Are My Peace)
  24. Hochzeits-Suite: Tango (Wedding Suite: Tango)
  25. Du bist de Wiarm (You Are the Warmth)
  26. Hochzeits-Suite: Zwiefacher (Wedding Suite: Zwiefacher)
  27. Replik 8: Sag mir, wo Du her kommst! (Tell Me Where You Come From)
  28. Jingle und Dahi (Jingle and Gone)
  29. Replik 9: Das Andenken (The Memory)
  30. Maiandenken 1: Sagt an, wer ist doch diese? (Maymento 1: Tell Me, Who Is This?)
  31. Replik 10: Der schönste Mensch (The Most Beautiful Human)
  32. Maiandenken 2: Ave Maria zart (Maymento 2: Hail Sweet Mary)
  33. Replik 11: So nenn mich Barbara (Call Me Barbara)
  34. Maiandenken 3: Maria, dich lieben (Maymento 3: Mary, to Love Thee)
  35. Replik 12: Der Tanz (The Dance)
  36. Maiandenken 4: Maria, breit den Mantel aus (Maymento 4: Mary, Spread Thy Cape)
  37. Replik 13: Wofür es keinen Namen braucht (Why No Name Is Needed)
  38. Maiandenken 5: Freu dich, du Himmelskönigin (Maymento 5: Jubilee, Thou Heavenly Queen)
  39. Replik 14: Die Liebe seines Lebens (The Love of His Life)
  40. Maiandenken 6: Meine Seele preist die Größe des Herrn (Maymento 6: My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord)
  41. Replik 15: Die Mutter lebt im Wald (Mother Lives In the Forest)
  42. Margreth, Dei freie Säi (Margaret, Your Soul So Free)
  43. Replik 16: Zu den Saligen von der Alm (To the Saligen From the Alp)
  44. Hab Dank (Thanks)
  45. Replik 17: Die wilde Jagd (The Wild Hunt)
  46. Trinitatakanon (Trinitata Canon)

Comment by Josef Irgmaier on the origin and content of the oratorio

I wrote "Our Beloved Lady" for my beloved wife. Based on songs that were written for our wedding and the five anniversaries that followed, further songs, pieces and spoken texts were added to form a hymn to women in general, to their diverse and divine nature. In the imagination of a time untouched by patriarchy and Christianity, it tells of a trinity of the One in the so-called three holy girls Barbara, Katherine and Margaret, who, in the colors white, red and black, stand as godmothers for the course of the year and for the stages of a human life.
In the first section (white, the "ours") we hear about the children of the Percht, the two-faced, radiant sun and dark earth goddess of the Alpine region: first of all about her daughter, who invites us to the great festival of awakening life on the first full moon after the spring equinox; then, after we have learned that our perception only knows the plural and that the daughter or daughters of the Percht were also called Salige [ˈzaːˌlɪɡə], about their blessed work and about what inevitably leads to the loss of the woman for the man, such as insulting her or asking about her name or her origins; finally about some of the many well-known names under which Lady Percht appears to us in her many daughters, such as Sulamith, the beloved from the Song of Songs, or Yemoja, the mother of humanity in Brazilian Candomblé. The one name that is hidden behind the title "Our Lady" remains just as unspoken as the Jewish YHWH.
The second section (red, "love") forms the heart of the oratorio and accompanies, in the six songs to my wife mentioned above, interspersed with the six dances of the earlier "Wedding Suite" to the well-known motif from Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy's wedding march, the twosome cohabitation of a Salige with her husband, about which there is nothing more to report than that it is long and happy, but then abruptly ends when the man deliberately asks about his wife's origins and she disappears.
The third section (black, "woman") belongs first of all to the shocked man's beautiful memory of his first meeting with his wife in "Maymento", a short ballet music made up of six dances to Marian songs in an amorous setting that I wrote many years ago against the merciless demonization of sexuality in the cult of the Immaculate Conception. According to his dream, their children report that their mother would live in the forest, where they could visit her every day and continue to be cared for by her until they were fully grown, which makes the man feel an overwhelming joy that makes him sing a song of praise to the "liberated soul". The term comes from the Beguine and theologian Margarete Porete (13th century). The grown-up children sing a farewell song of thanks to their mother, who, finally released from her parenting duties, sets off to her kin, the Saligen from the mountain pasture.
In the epilogue, at the end of her life, the Salige joins the Percht's wild hunt, and the Trinitata canon of the three holy girls ends the piece as it began.




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